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Kawasaki Ninja Like Yamaha YZR M1 Modify

Kawasaki Ninja Like Yamaha YZR M1 Modify

Making a trick in adjustment nice look, a moto-GP attending becomes guidance. By accident, This motorcycle buyer of Kawasaki Ninja R is a fan of motorcycles in MotoGP class. After agreed on that valentino rossi's ride that will become the reference. all awning from front body to rearbody resemble with Yamaha YZR M1 is recreated from fiberglass ingredient. authoritative of its awning is ill-fitted to the aboriginal ambit so it can fit.

After finishing on its body, the leg is the abutting focus. although the advanced shock breaker and beat accoutrements is still the aboriginal one, both is fabricated by abacus cover. While, six crossbean velg from Enkei is acclimated for its legs. to catechize while active in the night, this Ninja YZR M1 is installed a headlamp from Yamaha Jupiter z. As the step, the absolute new anatomy is corrective by colour that clothing to The Doctor ride. The result, back it is brought about city's road, abounding bodies assumption if this motorcycle comes from Yamaha.

Kawasaki Ninja Like Yamaha YZR M1 Modification Detail:

Velg : Enkei

Discbrakes : PSM

Kaliper : Brembo

Muffler : Tidar

Headlamp : Yamaha Jupiter Z

Swing Arm : handmade

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