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Modifications in the motor basically all have the same value innovation. View of the needs there are three basic aspects that must be followed, among others:

1. The need for bike show 2. Racing or competition 3. Daily use daily or motor

specifically for motor Honda Supra Fit (one machine to sleep / horizontal) that can
contrived or built motor element bebeknya still visible.

In general, the Modifications also refers to the concept of a diverse (extreme, fashion, minimalist) towards a concept which we will follow.

The idea is that according to the idea that I fled from the concept, tahapannya include:

1. Foot-foot renovation
2. Changes in the form of a framework / subframe
3. Harmonization of body
4. Adding accessories / bolt on
5. Finishing / assembling

Well, now we can refer to a concept towards which we will follow the needs and what we need.

For example, I have an idea at the Supra Fit will make me look towards the concept of racing,
I may change so ektrem, aspects of which I will replace the cover,
the form of foot-foot body and the changes are not permanent. There are also
rubahan form of motor ektrem duck.


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