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Modif Honda Supra x 2004 Catching Extreme

It is not easy to determine the flow of much less extreme modif. Certainly need not thought ripe for fatal errors that could lead to failure of action modif. "Mending levels are not too heavy but still could produce an eye catching work and road worthiness of course," says Fery, dedengkot Majestic Skip Jetty Modification of Palembang.

Evidence of a statement reflected in the figure of Honda Supra is now a unique look extremely attractive. "Yup, the concept duck extreme flexy bike," he added. The theme remains dipertahanakn duck with only disarm all parts of the body until the appearance of the frame more clearly exposed. Aura extreme modify Fery was born with the right cut off the middle of the main shaft tube is then imbued the hinge construction of the pair of hand made two plates of 5 mm which constructed the letter U.

Side one is connected to the main steering tube toward home, the other side incorporated into the main tube toward the tail sector. To be dijungkit, the upper plate U bolt killed by the hinges, while the bottom side was also killed by the bolt lock.

Finished it, the appearance of the legs with a grafting diresto total set of legs matic diameter of 14 ". "Both peleknya I stretcher from the former tin rim 4 and 5 inch car which then I combine them with my drum motors and rubber tires matic marriage," who was forced to make straightforward Fery triple clam plate newer than 30 mm. Closing the action, an orange sown in all parts of the framework of a more sweet thanks to the chrome plating on some parts and the installation of custom acrylic 3D at seater areanya.tito

Spec Modification:
DPN DISC: Racing One, caliper-MASTER DPN: Yoshimura, CAKTAM BLK: Satria, VELG: Spoke Custom R-14, BAN: Delitire 140 & 120/14, exhaust: Mugen, handlebar bracket: Yoshimura, handlebar: Renthal, FOOT STEP : Yoshimura Under Bone, modifier: Majestic Modification, Skip Pangkal Palembang (07117383108)

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