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New Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 Diluncurkan Akhir November 2010

New Yamaha Jupiter MX 135Gambar New Yamaha Jupiter MX 135

PT. Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) finally reported that it will launch the New Jupiter MX 135 in late November 2010. Interestingly, in the invitation to the launch explained that before it actually launched into the Indonesian automotive market, will be testing the toughness of Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 New engine in the Great Sentul Circuit, Bogor, West Java.

"There are about 7 motors that will be tested in large Sentul," said Indra Dwi Sunda as a PR & Corporate Communication Head PT YMKI. There is a difference in YMKI testing conducted on products before actually released to the market. At the launch Byson some time ago, invited the journalists to try out YMKI Byson toughness at the Sentul circuit small. But for the variants of New Jupiter MX, Yamaha will menjajalnya in Sentul Great.

Here is clearly seen that Yamaha wanted to show that New Jupiter MX was not merely changed its robe, but in the engine sector have also experienced improvement. No wonder if Yamaha has revealed that New Jupiter MX engine is ready to be matched with engine capacity of 150 cc sport bikes. In terms of design, New Jupiter MX it look more sporty with a fairing that looks a little more gambot than previous generations. While the addition of rear brake discs on, more and reinforce the strong character of Jupiter MX.

Although it is said only as a facelift, but a change that carried Yamaha sports ducks are very far from the previous generation. Not only on the display sector body, but the output power generated engine underwent a change. From the statement issued by Yamaha specifications, engine capacity of 134.4 cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke, 4 valve, single cylinder which her arms, capable of producing maximum power up to 9.21 kW or 12.52 PS at 8500 rpm. This figure is an increase of nearly 1 kW from the previous generation that only 8.45 kW at 8500 rpm.

While torque is able to reach the number 12.14 Nm at 6,000 rpm, an increase of almost 1 Nm of the previous generation that only 11.65 Nm at 5500 rpm. In addition, the transmission that carried New Jupiter MX was also changed with the addition of an acceleration rate of the previous generation, into a 5 speed.

Enough? Not yet. In addition to changes in the amount of acceleration for the transmission, the gear displacement system underwent a change by adopting a gearshift system like V-Ixion, 1-N-2-3-4-5. So price for New Jupiter MX? Unfortunately Yamaha not provide information how the sale price. But Yamaha says that there is little increase in price for this New Jupiter MX
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New Honda Mega Pro CB1000R Photo and Specification

New Honda Mega Pro CB1000R
Honda Mega Pro CB1000R Photo

Newcomer to the ranks of motor sport family who immediately won the Honda Motorcycle of the Year 2010 version of the Automobile Journalists Forum (FORWOT), New Mega Pro, look dazzling at the Honda booth at JMCS touch thanks to modifications in its form.

Taking the concept of Ultimate Street Fighter, New Mega Pro 150 was transformed into CB1000R up to look like a big cc sport bike was a frightening and powerful.

Concept rubahan taken the modifier does not eliminate the DNA of the New Mega Pro itself is said to Honda as the real street fighter. However, thanks to rubahan and application of appropriate after-market parts, capable of making New Mega Pro is as if transformed into Ultimate CB1000R.

At the front, head lamp ultimate street fighter is still using the default New Mega Pro, so that continues to reflect the original look of the street fighter. It's just that his handlebar turned into a typical large and thick little steet fighter.

Striking changes seen in the application of shock up side down with a pinch bigger belongs Honda CBR 1000 alerts in 2009. As for adjusting the shock that has been swollen, the black rubber front using Bridgestone Battlax BT-003F 120/60 - 17.

Moved mudur of head lamp, a little touch given to his petrol tank with the addition of custom condom so it looks more than a form aslianya gambot. Not only that, the addition of delta box custom street fighter character increasingly emphasized the dashing and muscular.

Under the engine, the engine cover modifier added to achieve the perfection of living modified in accordance with the concept.

From the middle to the stern of the New Mega Pro, has received significant changes. Stern is made more slender and tapering.

Sector while the rear legs, this ultimate street fighter pinch arm swing belongs to CB VTECH combined with tires Bridgestone Battlax 200/50 - 17.

Attendance at the booth Wannabe Honda CB1000R is quite provoke enthusiasm motor sport lovers homeland. In addition to providing an exciting spectacle for JMCS 2010, the presence of ultimate street fighter can also be used as a reference modification for the owner of the New Mega Pro.

Specifications CB1000R Wannabe

Head Lamp: New Mega Pro

Fat Bar Steering: After Market

Front Fork: Up Side Down CBR 1000 2009

Front Tire: Bridgestone Battlax 120/60 - 17

Rear Tire: Bridgestone Battlax 120/60 - 17

Front Brake: Tokico

Rear Brake: Nissin

Tank Cover: Custom

Delta Box & Under Cowl: Custom

Front Fender: Custom

Rear Body: custom

Muffler: Custom

Foot Step: Custom
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TVS Apache Velocity 160 cc StreetFighter Style Modification

TVS Apache Velocity 160 cc StreetFighterStreet Fighter Style of TVS Apache Velocity 160 cc

Outbreaks of motor sport streetfighter genre seems to be infecting the motor manufacturer in Indonesia. After the New Mega Pro Honda and Yamaha with its Byson, Suzuki had been preparing stretfighter latest 150 cc. In fact, India's manufacturers are now also displaying motor sport street fighter style. Is PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia (TVSMCI) that displayed motor concept of Velocity 160 cc Apache which takes the base of the Apache RTR 160.

Street fighter is the result of home modifications one in Jakarta. According to TVS, the concept of street fighter from the results of this modification is present to see the market sentiment on the design of this TVS bike sport. Velocity is designed with a clear design lines and sharp. To produce the maximum of its original modification Apache RTR rounded material is sharper, a lot of picking Velocity after-market parts and custom.

To confirm streetfighter characters, using a head lamp Velocity of TVS RockZ wrapped with a custom head lamp cover is formed sharp corners. In addition, Modification on the legs was also determines the most rubahan RTR 160 a Velocity 160. To shore up the front tires that use Battlax 120/70-17, Velocity shock pick-up side down from Mito.

Meanwhile, to shore up Battlax rear tire size 150/60-17 which swelled from its original size, Velocity application custom swing arm style moge. In addition, for the rear shock absorbers for the formation of more viscous streetfighter character, TVS transplanting of YSS mono shock.

Apache Velocity 160 which is the incarnation of the Apache RTR 160, the present as a reference for users of TVS Apache modification. Benny Yuniardi Widiatmoko, GM TVSMCI Marketing Group said, "This is a streetfighter concept of TVS Indonesia to see the market reaction on the design of this bike," said Benny.

Benny adds, "Besides, we also want to see if market sentiment TVS motor sport brings style streetfighter who is currently a trend," he added. So if the concept is TVS Apache Velocity 160 will follow in the footsteps Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha and Honda? Let's wait on the game.

TVS Mods Velocity 160 Specs Modifikasi:

Head Lamp: TVS Neo X3i

Cover Head Lamp & Visior: Custom

Master Brakes: Kitaco

Tires Front: Bridgestone Battlax 120/70-17

Rear Tires: Bridgestone Battlax 150/60-17

Front wheels: After Market 3:00 inch

Rear wheels: After Market 4:00 inch

Future Shock: Up Side Down (Mito)

Rear Shock: YSS

Front disc / Rear: After Market

Swing Arm: Custom

Body Work: Cutom Fiberglass

Tank: TVS Apache RTR 160 DD

Muffler: Custom

STEEP Foot Forward: Yoshimura

Brake Lights, Sein & Rear Rear Rear: DRC edge 2

Speedo Meter: TVS Apache RTR 160 DD
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Rev-2 by Jason Wonder Customs

Rev-2 by Jason Wonder Customs

Texas-based company Wonder Customs has recently revealed its latest creation, a bike that took its builder, 24-year-old Jason Wonder, just two months to complete. Dubbed Wonder Rev-2, the bike is Jason’s second V-Rod based build, designed specifically to be shown at the 2009 AMD World Championship show in Sturgis.

The V-Rod is one of the premier power pack offerings in the Harley-Davidson range, outputting 115 horsepower. The 1130cc water-cooled V-twin from the Harley makes use of a high pressure fuel pump located behind the custom fuel tank to ensure the engine receives its required energy.

The Rev-2, has a whole other purpose as compared with the V-Rod. While wanting to keep the bike rideable, Jason made no changes to the V-twin engine.

Visually, the Wonder creation strikes us with its twin SuperTrapp exhausts, which zig-zag their way along the bike's naked sides. The exhausts are fitted with diffuser discs at the end of each header, which help keep the decibels down. However, those of
The bike was built for the 2009 AMD World Championship show
you who wish to make themselves heard can remove them.

Another visual highlight is the swingarm, which exhibits a minimalistic approach. The thin rear 'arm is paired with a pair of Works Performance rear shock absorbers, while the front forks are fully adjustable and come from Showa.

HogPro Daytona wheels are fitted with semi-sporty Metzler rubber, 120/19 at the front and ultra-chunky 240/18 tires at the rear complete the package, while the Brembo brakes round out a high quality chassis.

The Rev-2 also features a custom seat design, rear set footpegs that house the rear brake and the shift levers, adding a for a track feel. Jason molded the brake light, turnsignals and license mount, and put them all under the tail to give it minimal looks. There is also custom made gas tank which have been slimmed down together with the seat.
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Yamaha Mio ATV Style Concept Modification

Yamaha Mio ATV Style Concept Modification

Most of the modifier, when making the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) with a base scooter, just using the engine alone. For an entirely new framework. Unlike arable Siswo Winoto of Win's Paddock (WP) in Purwokerto, Central Java on Yamaha Mio 2005 production Imung property.

In forming the four-wheel motorcycle, he was still wearing a main frame is still strong skutik judged to be supporting the ATV frame. Tactics that do Wiwin - Winato familiar greeting - with center cut bone aka main frame near the handle of the engine until the gas tank holder. The total cut to 30 cm. "The tank was moved forward and made more new cradle for the engine," beber Wiwin. Means, Mio main frame of the house was left living below the place holder komstir to deck. Big and strong on his pipe, "I went on the bracket tie rod, much cheaper and hold the main frame rather than have to make," he said.

The remaining main frame so the handle tie rod. Bracket made of pipe size 3x6 cm box with a length of 50 cm. Pipes are welded on either side facing down. Happens, tie rod grip shape like the letter "V" when viewed from the front.

Chassis that connects the front and rear wheel drive made new. Shaped like the letter "Y" big. "Pipe 1.5 inches so the main chassis frame welded to the Mio, which serves as a support sustained 3.4-inch diameter pipe," said Wiwin. For body work, you could say okay. Unfortunately, the legs too long and wide so that the overall appearance of proportion. Especially the distance from the body of the outer tire is too wide.

Wiwin claims that body model fighter really sharp with very short tails and tires like a true streetfighter motorcycle. Medium refers to the direction of bodywork ATV Yamaha Raptor ATV with a pointed front line and dived like a plane.
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Gambar Modifikasi Honda Supra 2006 Sporty

modif supra next gmodif honda supra 2006 next g

The concept of modification is a duck but naked, is one that has not been unusual, "said Arno.Karena obsession was then part of the framework there is no cut and modified. Still in its original shape and dimensions. Even for the affairs of the tank, while maintaining the position under jok.Perubahan radicals can be seen on the arm swing. "I made a new design using the design tralis as often done in deltabox motor sport," added Arno from Jl. Prince Diponegoro, No. 29, Batu, Malang.
modif kaki honda supra next gThat is one feature of motor sport naked homage. Because of the vital functions, searchable large iron pipe. "The choices are 2-inch diameter pipe," he added.Swing arm that has been naked like this certainly would be more fitting with the use monoshock system. Medium to full-custom 4595hal2_supra2.jpgurusan body as well. "We own design using a single model sitter," added the man was putting this.knalpot honda supra next g
The model also made a pointed tail so impressive as the motor speed up ,because his model has also led to a rooster, in the middle of the sort made fashionable deltabox additional chassis. All parts are made using fiberglass.

head lamp supra modif
full body supra next GGambar Modifikasi Honda Supra 2006 Sporty

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2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX Modif Style

2011 Yamaha Jupiter MX Modif Style

See it from far abroad we'll acquisition out if this motorcycle is a Yamaha Jupiter MX. But what makes her adorable is the glint of gold that admix some anatomy genitalia to attending added 'eye catchy'. Motor mainstay Fabricated Ambara Suarjaya, this SE is distinctively able to chase the event, abnormally in Denpasar MOTODIFY gold blinks chic and ducks modification. Not abandoned the anatomy that accustomed appropriate attention, all the way to the legs additionally accustomed appropriate absorption in adjustment to arise added solid.
Regarding the bike, Fabricated Ambara the M1 account base administrator additionally said, "This motor is Jupiter MX in 2006 that I kastem with the abstraction of the anatomy custom affected minimalist," he explained. Although no acute changes in engine, anatomy looks abundant this is like a allurement able of alluring added pairs of eyes to glance at him. Capacity of the advanced legs abandoned blubbery gold nuances like the chrome Gazi Fork Up Side Down and discs and 4 agent Kitaco KALIPER. To adept anchor and Tromol still application the aboriginal model.

Continue to the rear legs, the changes credible in the arm beat changes that additionally kastem model. Additionally there is the change in abeyance application Gazi, Posh discs, 4 agent Kitaco KALIPER, and additionally the adept anchor custom version. Everything seemed to bell neatly with capacity from the anatomy frame, advanced mask, fairing, the ascetic and the awning is the bake-apple Ambara Fabricated creations beneath the characterization M1. As already mentioned above, although no change is in the machine, abolish the motor amplitude is additionally redesigned custom model.
For variations on this bike can be apparent acutely in the use of X-1R handlebar, rear lights and assurance Mio. For the gas pedal and Footstep, Fabricated Ambara accept bunched archetypal achievement arch architect of Yoshimura parts.
Prominent in the color, to acrylic and bright in the bike was handed over absolutely to the boutique cutting chrome Malik Bali william serwin articles additional gold chrome on the outside. "Long processing this bike takes a ages with difficulties, abnormally in sectors area we kastem anatomy tries to tie cilia with plastic," he reveals about the processing time and adversity processing these motors.
A row of these appearance are instantly fabricated him a motor home so the best Denpasar, abnormally in the class of modification and the coolest avoid blink-blink. Closing the conversation, the affairs reveals a affable man on aboriginal impressions and expectations, "I am actual appreciative and blessed for this achievement and I achievement it'll be added motor formed the advanced with a bigger one than now".
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2011 Best Kontes Motorcycle Modification

Lively burghal of Palembang in the aftermost two canicule (10-11/10), abnormally the breadth of artery POM IX blow acknowledgment to the attendance of two-wheeled modification contest, MOTODIFY 2009 captivated by Djarum Black. For two canicule the breadth was abounding with bikers and bike lovers additionally modifications. Along the way the buyer modification helped gather, as able-bodied as Anto, 34. Not by blow he came to the venue, but he took allotment with Binter Mercy 1983.

Binter Mercy abutting the black-robed animate motor modification row displayed in the venue. Starting from the abstraction embodied in the acuteness Anto, buyer modification and the buyer of the motorcycle-style chooper says, "I did this modification starts with acuteness and larboard no ascribe from my accompany shop, so this chooper materialize," the close Anto.

The aboriginal change that needs to be done in the ambience of apropos application "pipe wheeldeep" with a array of 3 mm. While abutment for acceptable advocate advanced abeyance was called as the abutment of the motor to the body. Advocate is the assignment of the adolescent that flew automated branch name Harum.
"This motor is the aftereffect of the branch calm with the scent, he formed on the activity legs, advocate and Footstep, while I adopt to apply to accomplish the catchbasin and anatomy as able-bodied as added modifications," said the two accouchement of this man. For the legs, the allegorical motorcycle admixture auto adopted from the car with the arena admeasurement 15, to accomplish it attending added macho. Whereas the appropriate amphitheater admeasurement elastic 170/15.

Best Contest Motorcycles Modification 2011

In affiliation with the kitchen runway, Anto still await on the apparatus with a accepted blueprint that has the adequacy of $ 200 CC. It's aloof to addition their performance, an another agitation and it's called absolute CDI Suzuki Shogun 110. When asked about his achievement in the National-scale blow of this contest, the man said, "I am actual blessed and this would activation me to added apprehend the abstraction of the GS 250 Chopper"
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Modifikasi Honda Revo-Kontes Modif

Kontes Modifikasi-Modifikasi Honda Revo

No abortive aberrate abroad from Bandung to Palembang, and this is acceptable abundant for adolescent people. The acumen Ian Suryana, 27 are from Bandung accept begin activity and adulation of the automotive two-wheeler. Proven in Palembang he could alive apart and auspiciously authoritative modifications to the motorcycle airbrush admired Revo. Isabella appropriately the appellation accustomed by the buyer for the Revo lansiran 2007.

Interested in Graphis and accede modifications to arise acutely in blush appliance "ngejreng", and additionally acknowledgment to the admonition and assessment from accompany in Palembang clubnya Motor Club was called airbrush with blush Graphis. This accommodation was taken based on the application that in Palembang for blush Graphis is still almost small, so says the man who has a account agency business agent allotment is extended. Airbrush assignment is entrusted to the Posyan barn amid in the burghal of Flower, the amount spent about Rp 7 million.

There is one absorbing affair at the exact legs alloy, in adjustment to adjust with the ablaze affectation Ian chose the actual array of 1 cm ACRILYC as a backup wheel. "The purpose of the use ACRILYC so it looks more alloyed with bodinya bright, although not allotment dibrush", he said.

Sector abutment legs, the accessory called abeyance arrangement with a custom arrangement upside down. Other accoutrement accessible in the anatomy of caster braking system, in the advanced still await KALIPER Revo's rear while braking accessory was placed in a Satria.

Standard agent and antagonism abroad from the impression, again all the apparatus independent in the aboriginal kitchen aka aerodrome still had not afflicted one bit. Chrome blanket blush into all genitalia of the apparatus for the Revo. Only attending at the ascetic bankrupt some bake-apple with amazing measures.
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2011 Yamaha Force 1 Racing Modification

2011 Yamaha Force 1 Racing Modification

Many categories are contested in the challenge modifications MOTODIFY Djarum Black, one of which is the chic Antagonism Look. In this chic Yamaha Force 1 has been brought home championships in the accident that took abode in Building Pontianak Convention Center (PCC) Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Sunday (8 / 11).

Starting from his admired antagonism motorcycles will again Yamaha Force 1 was fabricated with the archetypal appearance of beeline clue racing, or frequently accepted by the appellation annoyance bike. "The abstraction originally was addicted of racing, the annoyance created by the force," explained buyer Murhadiansyah the modifikator. Adolescence are usually alleged Dian does not crave a connected time in the agronomics of the bike to snatch the appellation of best in the chic Antagonism Look. "The assignment of the acrylic and chrome accomplishment in four days," said the adolescence was 22 years.

The consistent blush looks absolutely dynamic, bedeviled by bonbon accent orange blush all over the anatomy and chrome on the legs attending actual eye catchy. Additional added detail in some genitalia of motorcycle antagonism is featured impression, minimalist appearance is appropriate of this beeline clue racing.

No admiration the board was advancing as a annoyance bike champion. Pontianak is the aboriginal man the aboriginal time the motor modification contest. "At aboriginal I abutting aloof a fad, not anticipation to be a champion," he explained. "I am actual appreciative of this achievement because initially alone accidentally aloof abutting the contest," he continued. Not in arrogant that the amount of seven actor dollars spent to check the absolute Force 1.

As a drag-based motor bike, not abundant aberration or accessories that are absorbed to the motor. Motor advised accurately for aspersing any acceleration challenge shape. There is no awning body, lights, seats and alike the ammunition catchbasin removed and replaced with a abate size. Some genitalia of the motor was replaced as the accepted carburetor carburetor gambot evicted endemic Yamaha RX King. Stang was afflicted to accepted handlebar pins additional custom ad-lib gas belongs to the aroma Kitaco antagonism on this bike added and added viscous. On the legs are fabricated as attenuate as possible. Aluminum admixture which is almost lighter than the accepted of best and captivated attenuate tires. To the abeyance of the motor lansiran year 1996 adopted a self-Posh brands. Because this bike is advised aloof for the contest, there is no change in the engine. "The engines are still the standard, annihilation changed," he explained.
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Yamaha Mio Soul Classic Retro Style Modification

Yamaha Mio Soul Classic Retro Style Modification

Last weekend, in Bandung, West Java, Yamaha antagonism Cuzztomatic 3 alternation was captivated with participants from regions I (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Jakarta, Banten and West Java). The challenge is assuredly set a 2008 Yamaha Mio Soul about-face Budi "Big" Rahmanto as the winner.
On this scooter, the chief modifier offers a new concept. Extra advanced rear caster arbor with no rewind. During this time, added modifiers generally called to the abstraction that the apparatus charge be backed with ample wheels.
Kok, can not rewind the caster axis? Here Big try alive the position of the agent to the larboard to 8 cm. This about-face makes the handle of a accepted agent (engine mounting) unused. Instead, "Created new handle with the appearance and admeasurement to chase the aboriginal model," said the man who afraid on H Street Mugeni No. 1, Pisangan, East Jakarta, this.
The appearance and anatomy architecture accept additionally been afflicted completely, the appulse of the apparatus actuality moved. If you still use the original, Big words, the carburettor will be stuck. Therefore, cartilage larboard redesigned.
Big is actual agog to use a custom anatomy that resembles Fino. These designs, he said, altogether ill-fitted to the hot rod theme. Only, the advanced headlights agnate to the classical archetypal of the competitors. Hence, back the contest, the lights Honda Scoopy additionally placed on the motor to reinforce the difference Modifikasi Yamaha Classic.
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Yamaha Mio Lowrider Custom Scooter Style

Yamaha Mio Lowrider Custom Scooter Style Photo

Low riders are accurate to be one of appearance is absolutely around-the-clock modification accomplish scooter. Fans never subsided. Including Ikhya Ulumuddin, bikers Cikarang, West Java. Grade 3 SMU 1 Sukatani, Cikarang is apparent absorption in modifications to the Yamaha Mio 2004 flagship.
"The abstraction and architecture to accomplish motor like this all from me. The accompany helped body the club from Retroholic Cikarang (RHC). I additionally appear to its members, "honest.
To reinforce the consequence of low rider, as usual, the best ascendant change is in the legs. Custom rims and tires Toyota Supra 185/55X14 size, so the choice. Sure to outsmart the agent ascent architecture which is adapted in length. "tolerable harmonious, army abaft a Jupiter MX pretentious," he explained.
Scroll to about the architecture of the handlebars. The guy who acclimated to be alleged Ulum this, accept the appearance Jap's style, accumulated headlight bald boob in the front.
One of the artful ability of best is a amount of acclamation Ulum skubek flagshipscreen for this. "More colors taken from the Suzuki Swift. Because I capital to see the calm motor, "continued the man who additionally boned this calm.
DATA MODIFICATION Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Low Rider
Handlebars: Variations
Speedometer: zero
Muffler: Custom
Tires Front: 120/70 Swallow
Front rim: 5.5 inches Custom
Body paint: Burgundy Pearl
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Modifikasi Suzuki Skywave 125 cc

Suzuki Skywave 125 cc
Today Go to malang. I look event motor modification For the spectator action the Suzuki With violet color Sensation in 10 cities, definitely could be satisfied scrutinised change this suzuki skywave. Drafted got up scooter Suzuki 125 cc this the work of Motor Platinum (the PM), Malang, East Java. I think this is the best Modifikasi Suzuki Skywave 125 cc now.

This modification house indeed the customer won contest. Appropriate and appropriate if their work didaulat mejeng in the stage that also the introductory site to the new Suzuki slogan: Suzuki Way of Life.KLIK - Detail Motor platinum tried to unite the virus or tren that was developing. As bringing about the style low rider through efforts to stretch the wheel fuse out. The method is, certainly through increased breket or engine mounting that the distance of the wheel fuse becomes longer.

That for the wheel behind, right. Now to front, even the model was made single the alias acted as if single. from The model that was chosen followed behind. To unified was the same CVT behind that also was in left. Like that was spied on from right, scooter Suzuki that many of his interested persons as being not guarded the suspension. Body kit also was affected by the moderate touch significant. Several parts body already be attached to some kit from fiberglass. Like to light and the wings. Including the cover jok also from kit that could easily was overhauled.

Suzuki Skywave 125 cc Detail modified:

Front Tire: Deli Tire 120/70x14
Rear Tire: Deli Tire 140/70x14
Velg Honda Genio
Speedometer Koso
Caliper depan Nissin
Rear Shock Variation
Oil-cooler Variation
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Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Mio 2010 Style

Yamaha Mio Sporty Modifed

This is the results of yamaha mio sporty modification, appeared in the contest by seizing several champions in various event, the specification modified is: the front Tyre 120/14, the Tyre Behind 140/14, disc rear brakes double the right Disc - left, all body original in the substitute full custom, cover crangkas brembo, the Consul box, the spy custom, cover the hub cap, handled adjustable from contest.

Yamaha Mio Contest Winner in this Year

Good indeed if scooter modification this seized the title of one of the films super the newest hero of the work of the film-maker from the country of Paman Sam.

His character that futuristic with tampilan beraksen aggressive, the modification bertitel "Mio Iron Man Rod Wheel" this was claimed the creator as the creation was most original the heroes from the association club Wheel, Street. Rungkut Kidul, Surabaya. "By chance with with his film Mas and was seen by us seldom was please similar to us with the Iron Man name then", pukas Great Surya (20) one of the workshop modifiers represented the owner.

The basin super the hero (Iron Man), one of the mainstay weapons was acknowledged by the creator was located in the sector of the hands and foot-foot. With custom steer bomber "clean" that all the cable installation was massaged in an good manner in the pipe steer, the sector foot-foot then was supported Twins Custom Suspension in front and single arms shock dual that contradicted the rim hubbles chrome wrapped the tire of the kind car tubles 130/60/R13 front and 140/70/R14 behind.

The beginning was completed by us the sector foot-foot previously, just double as, the Great story. Carried the style low rider, enlargement the wheel behind then star for the sake of translated trend the strong modification was carried penggila skuter matik at this time this. With the increase in the muffler best custom , funnel accessories and several applications of the entertainment device; the Recvox TV, head the Audio planet unit, power Sound Stream, speaker Lighting Audio, appear Iron Man Rod Wheel this increasingly good with guyuran the Red Wine paint peppermints with the effect sparkle.

upper the hero futuristic this then succeeded in snatching the title as the champion I The Best Customized Matic and the champion Ii Master of Orbital. "In fact the target won we the extreme equally Orbital now if our other category attempted, but we stayed grateful", was closed Great somewhat diplomatic to the team
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Modifikasi Full Racing Yamaha Mio 2007

Modifikasi Full Racing Yamaha Mio 2007Foto Modifikasi Full Racing Yamaha Mio 2007

Concept Thole maybe a new name in the ears of the world of modification, but after judging the background there is the name of the town of Fertile Pandaan must immediately know exactly how the results are always innovative modifnya workmanship with excellent finishing.

Yamaha MIO Pandaan '07

In besutan Yamaha Mio Panjul Sofi's output in 2007, he began to experiment different from the racing-style look that is now more prevalent. neo

Indeed the trend in the year 2010 the transfer of body heat is getting it, not just besutan funky, style, racing look is also subject to impact. Bodi-bodi kinds in Sofi's, handlebar top shell used dicoak owned Honda Beat the bottom side, ducking his impression increasingly involved with the handlebars cut and bent. Rear tail also replaced half of the body's Satria Fu is more slender and conical.

ORDER Bolong
Chassis parts are most likely just been painted with a bright screen, make the Fertile must be different. These side holes made with a large drill bit. Impression to be made as light as possible, even lip pierced rim Rossi participate.

Under no fun losing side, the tube pretentious front of the tube dicustom standard. Model plus the meat with a dibubut iron materials. The lower part is made of carved box with a screw-like tube cursory USD. Create YSS rear monosok made Satria's fall, the holder used a modified chassis further downward.

Disc disc not again be placed back in the house CVT, but go outside the house axle. So the house had to cut half of CVT in order to highlight the impression more and more clean and light, let alone Tromol was taken behind the bike's front Tromol smaller. Pairs of discs of this trend beyond the idea of domestic emang Thailand.

SOK DPN: Custom, discs: Tiara, Tromol: Handmade, SOK BLK: YSS, rim: Rossi, TIRE: 200/17 Swallow, ORDER: Hole, mask: Honda Beat, aft: Satria FU, Ignition: Rextor Program, OIL COOLER : Custom, Exhaust: AHRS, tank: Custom, Stang: Custom, stabilizer bar: TacoBell, GAS: Magura, AIRBRUSHER & modifier: Thole Concept (Yan Motor)
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Modifikasi Suzuki Satria FU 150’ Street Fighter

Modifikasi Suzuki Satria FU 150’ Street FighterGambar Modifikasi Suzuki Satria FU 150’ Street Fighter

Ginanjar, the resident liver Padamara Purbalingga a choice to focus on changes in relation to upgrade besutan fiberwork daily shuttle to school. Problem is not the overall design of the builder Mugi dipasrahkan Eling, hanging out with a label addressed Ui Evolution Custom home modifications.

Bodykit custom designs generally make Satria FU 150 lansiran performance in 2006 became heavier. But more importantly, present the forms belonging to the cover-body nyeleneh. What is it?. "From the front bodywork which stuck close to the bottom plate to cover the telescopic self-discs, including the side, airscoop and the stern area that looks more gambot," said student SMUN I Padamara this. The more interesting, the connection between the media Bodykit assembled with nut-bolts. So do not converge. The more refreshed, finish painted in white paint combination that gives iamge elegant blue.

"Kan emphasize that the changes made," proudly Ginanjar, also joined in otomania Purbalingga Out Sider (SID) and add the most funky kudabesinya at the school.
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Yamaha Mio Cool Airbrush Modification Spec

Yamaha Mio Cool Airbrush Modification
The Specification this Yamaha Mio Cool Airbrush Modification :

The Engine
Engine: 4 stroke, SOHC 2-valve air cooler, AIS (Air Induction System) EURO 2 Ready
Diameter x Stroke: 50.0mm x 57.9 mm
Cylinder Capacity: 113.7 CC
RatioKompresi: 8.8: 1
Coupling Type: Dried, Centrifugal Automatic
The contents of the cylinder: Single
Carburetor: Keihin NCV24 × 1
Ignition system: DC-CDI
Lubrication System: Wet Sump
Engine Oil Capacity: 0.9 Liter
Transmission: Automatic V-Belt
Dental Ratio: 2399-0829
Caster / Trail: 26.5 degrees / 100 mm
Front Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake with Single Piston
Rear brake type: drum

Source from

Empty Weight: 87 Kg
Frame Type: Steel Tube
Fuel capacity: 3.7 Liter Gasoline leaded / unleaded
Axis Wheels distance: 1.240 mm
Lowest distance to the Land: 130 mm
Seat Height: 745 mm

Suspension / Tires
Suspension Front
Rear Suspension: Telescopic
Tire Size Front: 70/90-14MC 34P
Rear Tire Size: 80/90-14MC 34P

Dimensions (P x L x H): 1.820 x 675 x 1.050 mm
Starter System: Kick & Electric
Maximum power: 6:54 km (8.9 ps) / 8.000 rpm
Maximum torque: 7.84 Nm (0.88 kgf.m) / 7.000 rpm
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ATV-Based Mini Lamborghini Murcielago For Sweet Girl's

If your aboriginal admitting aloft seeing this comic-esque babyish Lamborghini Murcileago Gallardo was that it was somehow accompanying to the acclaimed Japanese animation alternation "Speed Racer", again you're appealing abundant appropriate and you should accord yourself a pat on the back. See, the quad-bike-based Lamborghini replica was crafted in account of "Mach Girl", a TV alternation aftereffect based on the aboriginal Speed Racer anime that was appear in Japan a brace of years ago. High-res pictures afterwards the jump.

Via :
Photos by Phil Alex with the help of friends Mike and Aaron

ATV-Based Mini Lamborghini Murcielago For Sweet Girl's ATV-Based Mini Lamborghini Murcielago For Sweet Girl's
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Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify

Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify
Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify
Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify

Banjar home builder's flat to try to share a strong characteristic features of the BMW 1000 RR and Honda CBR 1000 RR.

Like the double seat design (double-sitter) who is very strong with model CBR 1000 RR. While the gas tank, swing arm, Hornet, and the front motorcycle speedboard, clear taste BMW. Only, factors related to difficulties experienced by Jeni tank design because the original owners do not want to change.

Jeni's not if you can not handle it. Way, the design of the tank made of condoms in order, in addition to the original tank is retained, also facilitate standardization and maintenance. However, the process is fairly difficult recognized because they have to be divided into four sections (top left and right side). Then cradle made in the bottom of the tank.

Then the bottom left and right side together with the battery cover. "The most important thing before the installation of condom tank is coated with the original tank insulation on all parts of the meeting," he says.

When forming fiber, Kang Ade using clay as a medium of design. Step this way many designers do the motor of Europe. The advantage, according to Ade, in addition to the work easier because the texture of clay is very elastic and easily shaped like anything. The result was optimal.
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Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification

Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification
Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification
Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification

The most striking change was the application of the light house Yamaha X1-R from Thailand. So much like the Transformers robot, the front of the house following with given a touch of custom lamps. Especially in the shell of the lamp, right and left wing to cover protects the bottom half of the engine looks. In addition, there is in the form of seats, covers plus side to the stern of deliberately contrived sepatbor different.

According to the Court, put the cover body X1-R in Smash quite complicated. You see, there are several components that must be cut, plus, and moved. In addition, he had to reset the handle cover mounting bolts, from front to rear.

So, shockbreker double standard models modified to Monoshock. This makes replacement of the standard swing arm turned into handmade products from the aftermarket. Great was not haphazardly done that part, as well as other sections, because the goods are used and given a little expensive custom touch.

Special exhaust, this Court guarantee a good part because her voice a little more good and able to increase power. Apart from good to hear, according to Agung, exhaust was fitted to these changes. He predicts, the concept of combined racing look would be noticeable color trends.
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